Kindergarten fee for academic year 2016/2017 are

300€/* month for child aged 2 to 3 years,

230€/ month for child older than 3 years,

260€ / month for pre-schoolers.


All activities like drawing, dancing, physical education, singing, and of course English with native speaker and teacher throughout the day are categorised as being a part of their tuition.

Fixed Kindergarten fee will not be returned for bank holidays, public holidays, Christmas holiday, in case of illness or short notice of non-attendance.

The fee for food is 2.50€ per day.


We will be happy if you bring your child along for one day free trial. You will only pay for food 2.50€ per day.


Kindergarten fees


Fees Kindergarten fee Food fee
per month per 1 day per 1 day

2-years old kids

300€* 17€ 2,50€

kids from 3 years

200€ 13€ 2,50€



230€ 15€ 2,50€


* The sum of 300€ is subject to children not using nappies or a dummy and can feed themselves.