• In Speak Star kindergarten we offer a bilingual environment. Thanks to our professional team of native teachers, children learn English in a playful and natural way while being in contact with the foreign language in the daily routine. All lessons are adjusted to the age level and engage students in the topic.Our international team of teachers not only focuses on teaching a language but also promotes diversity, values ​​and respect for different cultures and traditions around the world.Our classes are divided into three:
    1. Green Stars (2-3 years old )
    2. Yellow Stars (4-5 years old)
    3. Blue Stars (5-6 years old)

    Each class has a level-appropriate curriculum and approach.

    Green stars: 

    • Know how to greet and introduce themselves
    • Know the family members
    • Can identify colours and shapes
    • Can say the numbers 1-10
    • Rhyme and sing in English
    • Understand basic commands
    • Know the name and sound of animals
    • Can pronounce English phonemes and words
    • Know the days of the week and months of the year
    • Can talk about the weather 
    • Identify the 4 seasons of the year

    Yellow stars: 

    • Can name the colours and associate them with objects
    • Group and sort objects from 1-15
    • Rhyme, sing and understand tongue twisters
    • Describe their family membersň
    • Know the seasons and their weather
    • Can talk about different festivities of the year like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc…
    • Know the parts of and basic organs of the body
    • Can talk about planets, space and universe
    • Can talk about their feelings and emotions
    • Can name the continents

    Blue stars:

    • Can initate a conversation in English
    • Understand and ask questions
    • Make complete sentences
    • Use and conjugate regular verbs
    • Can Talk about hobbies and favorite things and activities
    • Can tell stories
    • Identify  healthy and unhealthy habits
    • Can talk and describe friends
    • Knows the professions and occupations
    • Can talk about past events
    • Can talk about future plans
    • Identify English phonemes and use them correctly

    At our kindergarten we immerse children in the English language starting at the age of two. They thus learn the new language as naturally as their mother tongue, without any pressure or vocabulary stress.