SPEAK STAR kindergarten is a pre-school facility founded by its parent company – SPEAK language school. We have been working in the field of education for over fifteen years.

The name SPEAK STAR was inspired from the idea that every child should be an exceptional personality in a unique way. Without exception all of them are our „STARS”.

Our philosophy and policy is to have an individual approach to every child. The location of our kindergarten is aimed at creating friendly and creative atmosphere; our equipment is designed for children of all ages and interests.

Our main goal is to develop fluent English communication. Upon  leaving our kindergarten, they will exceed many of their future classmates in their level of English. We also dedicate sufficient time to Slovak language skills. Preschool children are an important category. So we particularly focus on their future successful integration into elementary schools.

Let’s be honest, English is essential in today’s world. Our children learn English and Slovak simultaneously and naturally by means of a concept commonly applied to bilingual families all over the world.

Our technique works at home in bilingual families, it works the only institution of its kind in Banska Bystrica. We are talking about a technique, which enables us to teach your children to communicate with half of our staff in English and  the other half in Slovak. Natural communication stimulates your child to gradually increase their vocabulary, so that our six-year-olds, who leave to start their compulsory education, are able to speak both Slovak and English fluently.

Our commitment and main priority is to respect the individual needs of your child. During the educational process, we encourage children to discover their individuality. Our team of qualified teachers are from both Slovakia and abroad. Selection of the right people is the key to our success. We also pay close attention to selection of the best co-workers with whom we perform various activities with your children which are aimed at mental and physical agility commesurate with their age and ability. Our staff manage their specific groups. We have chosen the best people, whose talent and exceptionality will be happily mirrored by your child.

Last but not least, it is our mission to raise well educated preschool children, who will be prepared in a multitude of skills to enable them to integrate into at any elementary school. We work hard to establish contact with elementary school in order them to recognise the value of our potential graduates for their schools. We only recommend schools that are able to further develop your child´s education, where they can link up to our system and can, by the level of knowledge of the English language of their first-graders, exceed the level of graduates of other kindergartens. Those are the schools which will develop our concept even further.


Mgr. Jana Ocharovichová

Konateľka / riaditeľka

Milí rodičia, ak hľadáte pre deti kvalitné   jazykové vzdelanie, profesionalitu a ústrevosť – radi vás privítame v našej škôlke.

Yellow stars - deti od 2 - 4 rokov

Phone: 0917 984 590

Eva Gúghová

Učiteľka slovenskej edukácie detí

Blue stars - deti od 4 rokv do 6 rokov

Phone: 0907 836 111

Colin Carroll

Učiteľ anglickej časti edukácie detí - native speaker

Robíme všetko preto, aby učenie angličtiny a každodenný kontakt s ňou bol pre vaše deti zábavou a nezabudnuteľným zážitkom.


Mariana Kučerová

Učiteľka slovenskej časti edukácie detí

Rodičia, ktorí hľadáte úsmev a priateľskú atmosféru, poďte k nám.


Ružena Bartošová

Asistent učiteľa